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Basic Membership for small or medium enterprises
This is a 12-month membership
This membership includes Unlimited member slot(s)


o  take part and vote at the annual EUROUZ General Assembly of EUROUZ (1 vote per member);

o  attend all member-only events.

o  submit proposals to the EUROUZ Secretariat on any matters related to organization's activities, including initiation of EUROUZ committees or requests to Uzbekistan's  government or the official EU organizations.

o  obtain invitations and access to business, trade and investment events in Europe and in Uzbekistan held by EUROUZ or its institutional partners.

o  obtain additional background information or research relative to information presented in the EUROUZ monthly market intelligence reports on request.

o  participate and raise issues on EUROUZ committees to be addressed or discussed with Uzbekistan's government or the EU institutions.

o  access other members and partners contact information by introduction by EUROUZ to develop new networking and collaboration opportunities.

o  access EUROUZ member's discounts by partners (hotels, travel, events, etc.).

o  to gain visibility on our website and our publications (bi-annual feature in the report).

o  collaborate on events organized by EUROUZ members & advertise   members' events to EUROUZ database of relevant contacts.

o  obtain EUROUZ and partners network support for members' public relations in the EU and in   Uzbekistan.

o  obtain paid access to EUROUZ local legal and  financial advisors.

o  obtain paid access to EUROUZ dedicated  serviced office/desk and meeting rooms in Uzbekistan.

o  access offline events organized by EUROUZ, such as receptions and conferences.

o  2 hours (quarterly) of individual consulting with senior EUROUZ market experts.

o  make sue of a possibility to advertise member's services in the monthly newsletter of EUROUZ sent to 3,000+ representatives of international business (once per year).

*this level of membership allows to delegate a maximum one person to EUROUZ offline events

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Membership Refund Policy

A member who leaves the EUROUZ (as a result of the termination of membership or expulsion) shall not be entitled to receive any share in the EUROUZ’s property or the value of such property, including reimbursement of annual membership fees paid or any other compensation.