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Venue Location

Museum of Communication History

Navoi ave, 28 A Shaikhantaur district,

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Contact Person: EUROUZ Secretariat
Event details:
Event details:

Goals of the Round Table:

A working discussion between representatives of European pharmaceutical companies and companies in the healthcare sector with representatives of government organisations of Uzbekistan in the healthcare sector to develop plans for interaction in the following areas:

  • Strengthening cooperation: Formation of bilateral programs for the exchange of experience, prevention and treatment of diseases, conducting mutual educational visits, and improving interaction in the field of healthcare.
  • Discussion of regulatory policy: Consideration of legislative and regulatory initiatives in the field of healthcare, the formation of an accessible legal and enforcement ecosystem that is conducive to the development of the pharmaceutical and medical industries.
  • Infrastructure development: Discussion of needs and opportunities for the development of diagnostic and medical infrastructures in Uzbekistan.
  • Education and training: Plans for interaction in the field of advanced training and training of healthcare professionals.

Event language: Russian

Event program:

1. Welcoming speech by the Deputy Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

2. Moderated discussion, including the following questions:

  • Priority areas for the Ministry of Health of Uzbekistan for cooperation in the field of healthcare
  • The future of the development of the healthcare system of Uzbekistan
  • Current aspects of the activities of European companies in the healthcare market of Uzbekistan (purchase, price regulation, registration and certification of medicines, organization of drug supply, introduction of innovative diagnostic methods, patient routing, etc.)
  • Organization and participation in health issues in public multidisciplinary and targeted specialized events
  • Capabilities of European embassies to support specific areas of cooperation and general issues on which consolidated interaction is advisable
  • Tax and customs policy in relation to pharmaceutical and medical products (MT, MI, drugs, dietary supplements, cosmetics);
  • Investments, local production, and contract production;
  • The fight against counterfeiting and falsification in the drug market.


As a result of the round table, the EUROUZ Healthcare & Life Sciences Committee will develop a whitepaper on the plan of cooperation with the European business community for 2024 and beyond, along with a draft action plan, proposals for optimizing the current regulation in the healthcare sector and resolving issues raised during the discussion.


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